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2016 & 2017 Camps were SOLD OUT
Fathering Adventures July 13th – 15th, 2018
We facilitate 2 Night Father-Son Adventure Team Building Experiences in Illinois.
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Why Fathering Adventures?
Research reveals that children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteems, exhibit empathy and pro-social behaviour, and avoid high-risk behaviours such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.
Sadly, research also reveals, as stated by Dr. Bruce Robinson in his book “Fathering from the Fast Lane”, that “A number of studies have shown us the awful truth of our lack of focus on our children: on average, each child receives less than fifteen minutes of attention per day. In fact some studies state that it is actually less than two minutes per day if a strict definition is used (giving individual children focused attention, rather than interacting with all the children together).”
Remember, your child spells LOVE, “T-I-M-E”.
Being a father is more than genetics. A father is a man who loves, delights in, teaches, mentors, nurtures, trains, and affirms a younger person. His role is crucial in the younger person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. He may be a biological father, a stepfather, an uncle, a grandfather, a mentor, a teacher, or a coach.
What to expect at Fathering Adventures? 
You will experience an enjoyable, exciting, adventure-filled environment where you will be inspired, equipped experientially, and empowered, to really connect, or perhaps reconnect with your child (or a child whose Dad is no longer present). It will be a life-giving, life-changing experience that promises to provide many moments that will create powerful memories that will last a lifetime, and opportunities to fill a photo album.  This adventure experience is perfect for a dad/son, grandfather/grandson, uncle/nephew, mentor/mentee!
This is a  significant, affordable opportunity to answer your boy’s core question… “Do you love me? Do you delight in me? Am I your beloved son? Am I the apple of your eye?”
We provide a safe environment in a beautiful location….Little Galilee Christian Camp Three Oaks Lodge with a well-balanced combination of group activities, and intentional one-on-one time to better explore and enhance your relationship, and all that this location has to offer.  To explore the Fathering Adventures 2017 camp site Click Here
Throughout the weekend, the fathers will also receive some basic coaching on what it means to be an “intentional” father. You will be armed with all of the tools you need, to ensure your son knows deep in his heart, that he truly is, your “beloved son”.
Each Father-Son Adventure WEEKEND is delivered at the rate of $150 per person. This price includes all meals, accommodation, outdoor team building activity, access to the entire Camp all weekend, and coaching from our professional staff to help you get the most out of this experience.
This is so much more than a camp or retreat!
To read more about Fathering Adventures and the 5 night trips that are available for you and your son (age 13 years & older…no maximum age limit) Click Here
Please email Tom Gensler @ tgensler@rpmfm.org or call 217.685.1726 with questions.