Your Partnership is vital to the health of our Ministry!
Thank You for prayerfully partnering with our Team.
Together we will reach men, who will in turn change families, which will affect churches, workplaces, and communities – all for Jesus Christ and furthering His Kingdom. It begins with men transformed by the power of Jesus Christ who are ready, willing, and equipped to lead!
In a globalized world with a global church, partnership is an essential strategy for any individual, business, or church involved in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Relevant Practical Ministry for Men facilitates partnerships that advance Kingdom work in alignment with our mission. It is a process of building relationships, joining competencies, and sharing resources to accomplish God’s purposes.
Effective and healthy partnerships require hard work, a learning posture, and careful communication about expectations and results. RPM missionaries seek to help churches disciple men effectively and share resources in an interdependent way that builds mutuality and avoids unhealthy dependency.